Cisco Meraki

Meraki was built from the ground up for cloud networking. It offers a complete cloud managed product family including wireless LAN, Ethernet switches, security appliances, and mobile device management; all built to simplify the challenges of modern, device and application-centric networks. Meraki is trusted  brand  which has over 10,000 customers worldwide. In December 2012, Cisco acquired Meraki, forming Cisco’s new Cloud Networking Group. Cisco acquired Meraki to provide a scalable, easy to use networking solution for customers looking to simplify their network infrastructure.

The meaning of Meraki

Meraki (may-rah-kee) is a Greek word that means doing something with passion and soul.

Meraki Solutions

Meraki brings the benefits of the cloud to edge and branch networks, delivering easy-to-manage wireless, switching and security solutions that enable customers to seize new business opportunities and reduce operational cost. Whether securing iPad’s in an enterprise or blanketing a campus with Wi-Fi, Meraki networks simply work.

Cisco Meraki is a leader in cloud-managed networking, their cloud-managed product line including access points, switches, and security appliances, as well as mobile device management and enterprise mobility management solutions. he Cisco Meraki dashboard allows you to manage, configure, and monitor your Cisco Meraki network in an intuitive browser interface.


Why choose Meraki?

Main benefit of Meraki solution is that without expensive and complex wireless controllers and overlay management systems cloud based management provides centralized visibility and control over all Meraki’s wired & wireless networking hardware. Cloud management, which is integrated with Meraki’s entire product portfolio, provides feature rich, scalable, and  easy and intuitive control over the devices.

Easy to set up: It is complete solution out of the-box there is no extra hardware, software, or complexity added. The Cloud Based dashboard is fast and easy to set up to suit your company’s needs, which could be done from anywhere in the world.

Scalability: Meraki solutions are suitable for businesses of any size from small sites to large campuses and even distributed networks with thousands of sites. Main benefit, which is especially important for companies with smaller branches or smaller organizations is that Meraki devices, which self-provision via the cloud, can be deployed in branches without IT workforce. Firmware and security signature updates are delivered seamlessly, over the web and can be performed by a Provista Meraki certified Engineers. As well as that branches can automatically establish secure VPN tunnels between one another with a single click.

Easy to access:  Ability to configure and monitor the network from anywhere where you can access your browser.

Control of multiple sites:  Meraki provides access to a map-based dashboard, which not only allows you to access remote diagnostics but also automatically monitors and alerts you of any problems or threats. This could provide visibility and control over up to tens of thousands of Meraki devices, anywhere in the world. No matter what size your network is, tools that are easily accessible from the dashboard make tasks like: policy changes, firmware updates, deploying new branches, etc. simple and expedient.

Powerful Insight and Troubleshooting Tools: Tools are integrated directly into the cloud managed dashboard give instant analysis of performance, connectivity, and more, this means that there is no need for a network administrator to travel to site to perform routine troubleshooting tests. Visibility into devices, users, and applications gives administrators the information needed to enforce security policies and enable the performance needed in today’s demanding network environments. There are also troubleshooting tools such as ping, traceroute, throughput, and even live packet captures are integrated directly into the dashboard. This information allows to reduce resolution times in remote locations or smaller sites where no IT is present on site.

Meraki Product Range:

Wireless LAN

The Cisco Meraki wireless solutions are robust feature set, complete products that work right out of the box.  If required wireless capacity, with fully automatic provisioning can be added in minutes.


Cisco Meraki MS switches combine the benefits of both worlds: cloud-based centralized management as well as powerful, reliable access platform. With cloud management, thousands of switch ports can be configured and monitored instantly, over the dashboard, which can be performed on site or remotely.

Meraki Security

Cisco Meraki MX security products offer a complete networking and security solution. Appliances are designed to make distributed networks fast, highly secure, and easy to manage. As all Meraki products, security appliances can be managed through the Cisco Meraki web-based dashboard. This provides intuitive control and self-provisioning for branch deployments in any location even without on site IT staff available.

Mobility management

Management and control of thousands of mobile and desktop devices through the highly secure, web based Meraki cloud dashboard. Manage your organization’s mobility initiatives by seamlessly adding new devices, creating rules and security policies. This is the only networking solution that provides unified management of mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and the entire network from a centralized dashboard.


If you are interested in Meraki solutions and would like to find more, please contact Provista and our qualified experts will guide you through the solution range as well as arrange a free Meraki trial and demo for you to fully experience cloud managed Meraki dashboard and appliances in your business environment.

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