Provista Cloud Video

Provista Cloud Video is high-definition business video. Face-to-face conversation over HD business video is one of the most effective communication tools, you will be able to show, clarify and also build trust with your customers and colleagues.  Your business will be able to increase staff efficiency and reduce travel costs, as with the option to communicate through HD business video the need to travel to business meetings is reduced.  By deploying Provista Cloud Video businesses can provide video experiences that work  in conjunction with  their secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, as HD video  is available on a range of devices starting from desktops to mobile devices and conference rooms.  Provista Cloud Video can be used as virtual meeting rooms for  two or more people joining on a video conference as well as for private meeting rooms, where people can call in to at any time.


  • Increased customer interaction—HD video provides the ability to collaborate through an “in person” experience and creates a more personal collaboration with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Increased staff productivity and availability through reduced travel and improved internal collaboration. Your staff will be able to respond faster to customer demands as well as make decisions in an agile manner. It also allows for the company to be  flexible by allowing it to faster adapt to changes.
  • Flexibility— Reach as many people  as you require in one video meeting. You can take the video room everywhere you go and use it on variety of devices.
  • Reduced costs—With an option of performing customer meetings over HD video requirement for domestic and international travel is dramatically reduced. Your business will be able to save money and reduce footprint without negatively affecting customer satisfaction.
  • Variety of uses from customer meetings, training, staff updates to product launches and more.
  • Business expansion and growth —Video is not just a cost effective solution, it has the power to transform and grow the businesses. By virtualising your communications, your are moving another step closer to success.
  • Work/ life balance— Provide your employees with the option of working from home, remotely, or on the move. This means a more satisfied and productive workforce which gives businesses a greater ability to retain staff and attract new generations of employees,  who are used  and attracted to new collaborative technologies.

Uses for Provista Cloud Video:

Customer Meetings – this is an opportunity to reduce the sales cycle, achieve more face time with executives and engage with customers more effectively

Partner Collaboration – improve communication and relationships with your partners through video meetings.

Internal Staff Meetings and updates – conduct quick and easy staff updates through video. Collaborate with experts from different offices and  improve your product and services by collaborating with  your colleagues.

Training— update your staff and customers on new products or services through HD video. This will allow your business to act  faster and improve customer interaction by keeping them up to date.


Our collaboration experts are ready to guide you through the full benefits and value of  the Provista Cloud Video managed video solutions. We will assist in making your video conferencing easy and hassle free and manage your video successfully without strain on time, money or resource. You can also download our Provista Cloud Video Data Sheet to find out more.

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