New Cisco Umbrella Features

Several new features will be rolled out over the coming weeks, you’ll see a notification in the Umbrella dashboard when each feature is available for your organization.

So what exactly are the new features?

  1. New policy setup wizard
    Setting up policies has never been easier or more enjoyable (seriously!). The policy wizard streamlines the process to create the simplest or most complex policies. You can review your policy on the new summary page, and even use the policy tester to ensure it’s set up correctly before enabling it.
  2. Updated reports
    We’ve made updates to several reports to make it easier to view trends across your organization and dig into the event details.
    o Security Activity report – view all security activity, categories, and event types for faster discovery of threats and traffic pattern changes.
    o Activity Search report – shows all DNS, IP, and URL/proxy requests in a single screen. The new filters also make it easier to refine your search and quickly identify issues that might require your attention.
  3. File inspection and custom URL blocking
    You can take advantage of these features by enabling the intelligent proxy. Unlike a traditional proxy, Umbrella does not proxy everything — only domains on our grey list. These are risky domains that require a closer look at the URL and file-level before deciding whether to block or allow.
    o You’ll be able to add malicious URLs to block lists, just as you would add domains to block lists today.
     Note: SSL decryption is required for this feature. However, we only decrypt traffic for a subset of traffic (only grey listed or custom URLs).
    o In addition to inspecting domains, URLs, and IPs, Umbrella will now offer file inspection using Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) file reputation and a partner AV engine.
     Note: SSL decryption is required if you want to inspect files over HTTPS

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