Digby Brown improve Business Efficiency

This project enabled Digby Brown to upgrade and deploy a business critical application and improve business efficiency. Hyperflex solution is a highly scalable solution which will allow migrating more business applications to data center if required. To future-proof, the solution Provista designed Cisco HyperFlex Systems to support a broader range of applications and workloads in the data center, remote locations, and edge – computing environments.

Hyperflex solution is fast to deploy, simple to manage, easy to scale, and ready to provide a unified pool of resources to power applications as business needs dictate. These benefits made the Hyperflex solution easy and quick to deploy without a lengthy business disruption.

By deploying Cisco Hyperflex solution organization benefited from:

• Single point management—easy to manage for the firm’s staff as well as for Provista engineers if required
• Adaptive infrastructure – flexibility to scale if necessary
• Future proof solution that will allow organization to migrate servers and applications to the cloud without large future investments

Read the whole case study here.