Energy Management

The need to comply with increasingly stringent regulations and to create a sustainable public image increases pressure on organizations across industries to become more environmentally friendly. Limiting energy consumption is also a highly efficient means to cut the costs and free up funds which can be re-invested in other areas of the business.

Cisco Energy Management (CEM) helps measure, manage and control the energy consumption of all the connected devices across your office. IT has proven to be able to save up to 35% of energy consumption and pays off in only matter of months.

energy manaement


Businesses that  have implemented the solution see the following benefits:

  • Reduced IT power consumption in most cases by up to 35%.
  • Increased office and data centre efficiency
  • Cost-effective energy monitoring
  • Gain 100% visibility of energy consumption, utilization, cost and carbon emissions for every device that is plugged in.
  • Ability to easily pinpoint equipment to virtualize or retire
  • Improved budgeting and predictability
  • Quick to deploy – your business will see difference fast!
  • Ability to identify inefficient systems, configurations and operational practices


It is very easy and efficient to implement; after the software installation it will automatically discover and identify all devices connected to the network. Once this is completed, user has the access to a dashboard, from which you can monitor energy consumption of connected devices (monitors, desktops, photocopiers, IP phones etc), set policies for the power management of that device/device group for example switch it off, put it to sleep, enable it during business hours or otherwise according to your business needs.

CEM solution grants you a full insight in your organization’s energy consumption and will identify inefficient systems, configurations, and operational practices. CEM can also project the effects of changes across the business, which is very helpful when you for example are looking for a PC or laptop upgrade.


If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, contact Provista and we will arrange a free, no-obligation trial for you to evaluate the savings Cisco Energy Management can offer.