LAN & WAN Networks

All of our deployments are designed with resiliency, performance and security in mind.

Network Design

In recent years, we have gained a strong reputation as being trusted advisors and experts in local area network and wide area network design and consultancy.

We accommodate all areas of the market, providing design expertise to tens of thousands of hosts in large multi-site corporate environments, as well as smaller SMB deployments.

Local Area Network

Crucial to enterprises, local area networks have to support a high density of users with high speed data and application access. We assist by designing and deploying the latest LAN technologies. Any newly designed LAN has to be highly available and high performing – we build all of our solutions with these properties in mind.

Network Design Features:

  • Scalable and manageable IP Addressing and VLAN schemes
  • Resiliency of critical network components
  • Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Selection of reliable and proven software code
  • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features
  • VRRP / HSRP to provide seamless resilience in the event of gateway failure
  • Rapid Spanning-tree to provide the quickest possible re-convergence times
  • Dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF and EIGRP
  • VTP for ease of VLAN management
  • Port security on LAN access ports
  • SSH software images to provide encrypted and secure management access to all network devices

Wide Area Network


Organisations spend a large amount of budget with service providers on wide area network (WAN) bandwidth and we can assist in reducing these operational costs with real return on investment (ROI) savings. WAN optimisation can be achieved using bandwidth modifiers, thus avoiding costly upgrades by accelerating application performance over your existing WAN.

If requiring a new WAN solution, we can supply MPLS, LES, P2P wireless bridges and VPN networks that support bandwidth hungry applications and unified communications systems by designing WAN QOS and security features as standard.