Provista Cloud Collaboration

Provista Cloud Collaboration can help businesses to deploy applications more quickly and promote productivity. It allows to provide differentiated collaboration solutions for users based on their role in the organization, regardless of location.

Cloud Collaboration is:

  • Voice over IP (i.e., modern digital telephony),
  • messaging (voicemail converted to email and sent to desktops/phones),
  • IM (instant messaging or chat sessions),
  • presence (someone’s availability for an IM, call or meeting)
  • desktop and mobile TelePresence (HD business video on desktop units and mobile devices).

Applications can be turned on at the customer’s pace and scaled as required and can be managed efficiently through the Provista Cloud Voice Management platform.

Provista Cloud Voice solution will allow you to streamline the collaborative process, raising productivity to a new level. Your employees will be able to collaborate in real time with co-workers, partners, customers, and suppliers in different parts of the globe. This can significantly reduce communications costs and improve team productivity.


Flexibility. A Provista Cloud Voice provides the ultimate in deployment flexibility. Your chosen solution will be able to reach any worker, in any location, on any device, over all networks. With help of our experts Provista Customers are able to choose the most beneficial applications for their business, which can also vary depending on different user groups within the organization.

Easy to manage. Another benefit of hosted solution is that all administrative and management tasks can be centralized. Administrators can save a lot of times by performing tasks, for example, setting up rules only once to affect users companywide.

Agility.  In the instance of Provista Cloud Voice, the cloud is an enabler and an accelerator for collaboration capabilities. This means that companies are able to deploy applications at their own pace, with a possibility of changes made almost overnight. This makes the business more agile and able to respond to changes much faster as new capabilities can be brought out without the need for lengthy and expensive upgrade projects.

Easy deployment to home offices, remote workers, and branches. A Recent study performed by ZK research found that over 75% of office workers today are working from outside the headquarters. With a hosted collaboration solution in place, your employees will be able to reach their colleagues, business partners, and clients from anywhere in the world. Another benefit is that is can be deployed to any user in any remote location immediately.

Device diversity. Provista Cloud Voice can be delivered to any application to any device, which is especially important in the modern world where users might have several devices such as laptops, tablets and often more than one mobile phone.

Budget efficiency. Hosted solution does not require a large upfront capital which allows organization to deploy solutions much faster.  It also allows costumers better budget planning, as subscription model is very predictable and easy to calculate. Because hosted solutions do not require as many repetitive maintenance tasks companies scan be more efficient with their IT staffing.


Our collaboration experts are ready to guide you through the full benefits and value of the Provista Cloud Voice. We will assist in finding the right collaboration solution for your business that will allow your workforce to communicate more efficiently as well as will save time, money and administration resource. To find out more read our Provista Cloud Voice Data Sheet.