Security breaches cost businesses billions every year

Don’t leave it to chance!

securityWhether your organisation has ten or ten-thousand users, we have been trusted by leading organisations to design, deploy and manage their LAN, WAN, Wireless and Application security. Providing the correct level of security is all about a balance; the balance between security and accessibility and deploying a security solution that is cost effective and manageable on a daily basis. We can deploy a complete Firewall, VPN, IPS and Secure Wireless solution that suits your security policy requirements.

Our Solutions

We can include security solutions using multiple vendors, with a blended best of breed approach to security. Our design portfolio includes firewall appliances, VPN concentrators, IDS/IPS appliances and enterprise management software and security managers both cloud and on-premise. Our largest security partner is Cisco, who offer a comprehensive suite of security products including. We have industry leading qualified security consultants and engineers who have years of experience over a variety of industry and market sectors and will provide you with a secure yet scalable and manageable security solution.

Cisco Security Portfolio

Find out more about Cisco Security Portfolio in this quick 5 minute video.