Cisco WebEx is a cost-effective, highly secure, high-availability and flexible collaboration and communications solution, it incorporates audio, video, and web conferencing and allows clients to extend IP telephony to conferencing.

Main WebEx features:

  • View full screen or adjust proportions with liquid layout
  • Share anything on your screen – Show your whole desktop or just one application — and keep the rest private.
  • Record – Everything in your meeting.
  • HD Voice – Crystal clear sound quality when you join by VoIP.
  • Let your meeting call you- Receive a call at the number you choose.
  • Meet instantly — and start working together.
  • Or schedule ahead – if using Outlook simply select the WebEx icon to make it a video conference.
  • Available on desktop, tablet, smartphone.
  • Information transferred and shared over the conference is safe and secure
  • Meeting recording, editing, and playback—record meetings for future reference, training, or demos
  • Easy meeting invites– send inviters and reminders using an automated phone call, text message or email

  Reach people, share information, collaborate and stay connected with global, virtual teams – any time,   anywhere.


Reduced costs– It is not feasible to constantly travel to meet prospects, customers and  colleagues, it takes a lot of time, is inefficient, expensive and increases the footprint.

Efficiency—Reduced travel, ability to consult and collaborate with a colleagues from offices anywhere in the world allows your employees to be more productive and make faster decisions

Mobility—our staff will be able to work from the headquarters, remote location, customer site or their home office without affecting their productivity. This will not only increase your employee satisfaction, as it is giving them the opportunity to work in a way that suits them most, but also helps to attract and employ best talent from younger generations who are especially interested in new ways of collaborating on the go.

Work from any device— Need to call into the meeting on the go? No problem with Cisco WebEx you can use your phone, tablet, desktop or a conference device to call into the meeting. Or just enter your phone number and WebEx will call you!

Reduce disruptions—WebEx will ensure that your company can continue to operate even when weather, traffic, or natural or man-made disasters prevent you or your employees from getting safely to work. Web conferencing and web collaboration help you stay connected, stay in business, and stay on top of your game!

Cisco Webex uses:

Customer meeting—Increase the speed of your sales cycle and include your most knowledgeable experts from any location on a customer call. Share your slides and make edits and changes live and share them with everybody later.

Conference— A guest speaker can`t attend the conference because he is in a different location, no problem WebEx him into the event with the HD video conference call option.

Webinar or Training—reduce costs and give your staff an opportunity to learn more by using WebEx for training sessions. No need to travel to the destination and no extra cost from the course provider. You can also record the session and keep it for future use and share it with the rest of your team.

Team update—quickly update your team, 2 or 100 people over WebEx, you can present a product launch, brainstorm new ideas possibilities are endless!

If you would like more information about Cisco WebEx, or would like to start a free trial please contact Provista and one of the collaboration consultants will assist you and recommend the best solution for your business. Download WebEx Data Sheet to find out more.