Wireless Networking

We use the latest products and enhancements for the best performance on new and legacy infrastructure.

This means that the solutions we design and install are built on solid, tried and tested, fundamentals.

Wireless Networking

wireless2In today’s corporate & leisure environments, mobility is a driver, and so wireless networking has become a key component for organisations to allow flexible mobile working as well as easy access to network resources and the internet. When wireless is deployed by our team; it results in flexibility, efficiency and increased productivity for organisations.

Resistance to deploy wireless networking for many organisations is caused by the perception that wireless networking is not secure, has poor performance, and is difficult to manage. We have found that these perceptions are owing to situations when an organisation chooses a wireless vendor that does not embrace the latest wireless concepts and technologies available.

Our Wireless Solutions

Not only do we understand the latest innovations in secure unified wireless solutions, but we are a wireless leader and have successfully deployed many of the latest generation of secure wireless local area network solutions for many of our customers.

Our wireless solutions are secured using the latest encryption algorithms and users can be authenticated using your corporate directory (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory) for a true single sign-on deployment. Mobile Wireless LAN devices can be deployed to access the network using wireless technology from any location that is both secure and scalable.

Guest Access

WiFiGuest access is easily provisioned securely using Web Portal Authentication and dynamic time-based accounts. With our wireless network solutions, you always have control over guest access and can ensure that only internet resources are accessible. In addition, guest access can be controlled through social networking authentication — providing legitimate credentials and potentially free internet advertising.


We deploy solutions for large corporate and public sector establishments who wish to include widespread wireless coverage for today’s unified communications and converged multimedia applications whilst providing the appropriate access levels for different clients, such as staff, guests and students. In addition, location tracking and asset management can be implemented using our wireless solutions.

Using centralised wireless controllers, lightweight access points (LWAP), and point-to-point bridges make our solutions easy to manage and scalable. We can scale solutions from only a few access points to hundreds of access points across multiple sites. During design phases we always ensure that resiliency is a major factor.

Our wireless solutions combine the latest industry standards with a centralized architecture and advanced features to create a secure, cost-effective and highly scalable wireless network infrastructure.