Remote Engineering

We provide remote engineering services covering Unified Communications, LAN, WAN, Security and Wireless.

Our Remote Engineering service gives significant business benefits:

  • superior level of support
  • significant cost savings as organisations no longer need to pay for expensive training or recruitment of engineers who command very high salaries, there is also a saving of travel and accommodation costs of the experts/employees working on a remote site
  • immediate access to skilled engineering resource using the remote service at a price that is favorable.
  • quick problem troubleshooting and resolution

Due to today’s hardware reliability, many suppliers now offer lifetime warranties. When systems fail, it is usually caused by the complimentary software and/or configuration anomalies. To quickly and effectively resolve these problems, our engineers can access your network and systems and investigate the problems using our secure and resilient Airgap service portal. The problems are usually quickly identified and resolved by re-configuration/restart of service or identifying a software problem. In the event that hardware does fail, our engineers will assist in restoring service by ensuring the software and configuration are restored from our backup to ensure a quick return to service.

Features and Benefits our Remote Engineering Service:
Fault triage and alerting
Operational cost savings  ✔
Faster resolution to problems using our experience and support escalation structure  ✔
Configuration – Moves, Adds, Changes & Deletions (MACD)  ✔
Access to Provista skilled engineers for technical assistance and advice  ✔
Secure and remote portal access to your systems  ✔
Fault management and escalation to suppliers such as Cisco & Avaya  ✔
Software and patch monitoring  ✔
Automatic configuration backup and restore  ✔
Backup monitoring  ✔


Does this sound like something your company can benefit from, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0345 642 4 642.