Remote Monitoring

We can offer a resilient remote monitoring service that is designed to avoid costly outages by pro-actively monitoring the key components of your infrastructure.

Rlaptopun from our Network Operations Centre (NOC), our remote monitoring team can advise you of any network device or service outage up to 24×7, 365 days a year.

By monitoring key devices and vital signs, we will know about many types of problems and failures – even when they happen outside your normal business hours, during the night, and across weekends. Problem parts are detected and repaired before a primary failure causes an expensive outage.

We have invested heavily in a fully featured VPN-based solution which has hardware deployed at key data centres across the country. This spreaded deployment means that you can be confident our remote monitoring service is secure and will provide the highest possible uptime.

Features and Benefits of our Remote Monitoring Service:
Pre-service audit & health check  ✔
24/7 System uptime monitoring  ✔
Access to the Provista portal to view your network in real time  ✔
24/7 Critical service monitoring  ✔
System utilisation monitoring  ✔
System uptime and utilisation trending  ✔
SYSLOG monitoring  ✔
Event log tracking and reporting  ✔
Automatic service reactivation  ✔
Reports on network uptime and performance  ✔
Customisable telephone, SMS and e-mail alerts  ✔