Consult & Design

Provista technical experts can provide a tailored and comprehensive consultancy service.

Areas of excellence include unified communications strategy, networking and security best practices, process implementation, tender bid creation and bid response.

Because we are not tied to any vendor or supplier, using our consultancy services means you can be sure that you will get an unbiased opinion of what the market has to offer from both a vendor and supplier point of view. We will provide a ‘Design Authority’ service, separating effective network design from discrete procurement practices.

At Provista, we pride ourselves on a consultancy service that results in dynamic, robust and resilient solutions. We will always provide a forward-thinking solution to get the best possible results for your business.

Product Specification & Supply

Whether your network requires LAN, WAN, Security, Wireless or Unified Communications hardware and software, we can select the right products for your application. This is done by determining your exact requirements, taking into account technical features, reliability, warranties and support.

Because we are vendor-independent and are not tied to specific sales quotas like other organisations, you can be sure that the recommendations we make will be right for you.

We have vast experience in the marketplace and our strong relationships with partners such as Cisco, Avaya, Cisco Meraki means that we can negotiate favourable discounts that can be directly passed onto our customers at the pricing stage.