On-Site Testing

Deploying new IP networks and unified communications technologies will deliver business advantages, but the project deployment and immediate post installation period can result in disruption to the business. We understand these risks, and our project methodology is totally focused on reducing them to an absolute minimum – this ensures that your business can continue to operate without disruption.

We think that the key to a trouble free implementation phase is to make use of our experienced project teams who review all design work and ensure all hardware and software is rigorously tested and implemented. A detailed Scope of Works will be produced to identify key solution features and a testing plan is produced and agreed with our customers to test every aspect of the solution.

Managed Integration

We do not only test our proposed solutions but also your specific applications and the integration to your systems – it is normal for us to invite customers to assist in this process. If problems are identified (including hardware, software or feature problems) a work around is implemented. On occasion, manufacturer issues such as software bugs or integration compatibility are identified and we manage these problems to resolution.

The rigorous testing we complete underpins our deployment methods and ensures our customers can confidently implement new systems knowing that they will be deployed without major risk to their business.