Planning & Scope

crosshairAt Provista, we put great emphasis on the planning and scoping phase of each project. Without this, it is well proven that unquantifiable issues will arise during the implementation that will be detrimental to the success of the project.

With careful planning, our project teams can manage each phase of any assignment professionally and efficiently to ensure that we deliver projects to scope, to quality, to cost and to schedule.

Good Working Relationships

By establishing a close and corroborative working partnership with our customers, we believe that we are always able to deliver the correct solution, which is capable of meeting the customer’s business needs. Our project team work closely with customer appointed project teams and by utilising clearly defined roles and responsibilities; focus is given to risk assessment & risk management, change management, testing, effective use of resources and overall quality assurance.

During the planning and scoping phase of any project, a full set of comprehensive project documents will be produced, reflecting the proposed requirement and solution.