Pre-Build & Test

planWe build and test our solutions off-site in our controlled lab, completing rigorous testing and benchmarking. This ensures that the installation will be completed at your site first time with minimal disruption to your organisation and with little costly extended downtime. Our senior project engineers are responsible for initial testing/configuration of any equipment in our pre-build facility – always in line with the agreed detailed design document.

Testing consists of basic factory acceptance testing followed by detailed configuration and feature testing in accordance with any agreed test plans. Any product failing our comprehensive test procedures will be returned and replaced by the manufacturer under the RMA procedure. Equipment serial numbers, software/firmware revision levels and configuration details will be recorded in workbooks for each device.

Knowledge & Skills Transfer

Our customers are often invited to attend our labs for skills transfer and to witness the test acceptance procedures in line with the project plan. Following successful completion of the acceptance testing, the equipment will re-packed in its original packaging for shipment to site(s).