Project Management

bulbOur project management team has many years of experience and they endeavor to take an approach to project management which involves the least practicable risk in meeting timescale targets whilst ensuring the quality of the implementation and the integrity of the customer’s operations.

Implementation is planned so that work can be carried out in measurable, definable, stages or phases, with clearly documented milestones and deliverables. Risk assessments are carried out to identify, quantify and document the risks to a successful implementation. Contingency and mitigating plans are then put in place to reduce these risks as far as is practicable and are managed throughout the project. Finally, change management is exercised to prevent unauthorised changes being made which could adversely affect the integrity of the solution and the achievement of the project objectives.

A consistent quality approach to the design, implementation and support processes is underpinned by Provista’s quality management system (working to the BS EN ISO 9001, 14001 Standard). The roles and responsibilities of all participants and stakeholders and the communication channels to be used are clearly defined at the outset of the project.

Small projects are implemented under a separate implementation control procedure.

Compatibility with methodologies & standards

The Provista Project Methodology is fully compatible with CCTA PRINCE 2 in Small Projects© and the BS 6079 Guide to Project Management©.  A Project Board is only convened on those projects that are contracted under the full PRINCE 2 methodology. On other major projects, a Project Director oversees the project.